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Mercedes Benz

Enhance interaction between driver and car by detecting driver hand gesture for superior level driver experience with Mercedes Benz User Experience - MBUX System.


Accurate, low footprint detection with vulnerable roadside users (VRUs) and road signs covered in the Bosch-Daimler autonomous driving initiative.

Fitness Pose Estimation

Empowering exercise perfection with AI-driven real-time pose estimation, providing interactive visual feedback for correct posture and effective workouts.

Federated Learning on the Edge

Revolutionizing privacy and efficiency in data processing with Federated Learning (FL) on edge devices, enabling real-time, secure analytics in several key sectors.

AI-Assisted Dermatology

Advancing AI-powered Dermatology solutions: Identification, insights & assistance for better skin lesion treatment outcomes and accessible dermatological care.

Loneliness Assistant

Personalised assistant designed to empthatize with humans and serves as a close companion by engaging in an emotionally deep manner

RAG based Personal Diary

Smart, diary-like system that effortlessly organizes and retrieves your daily activities and information with cutting-edge Retrieval-Augmented Generation techniques.

Data Query Assitant

Transforming data access with a natural language interface that converts queries into SQL, simplifying database interaction


Leveraging AI and robotics to optimize the supply chain routing, effective operations management for the successful fulfillment of orders.


AutoMTO enables us to create, modify, and manage all kinds of piping and instrumentation diagrams including support structures, equipment design, generation of isometric, and orthographic sketching.

Dr. Arjun Jain

CEO & Chief Scientist

Dr. Arjun is a prominent machine learning industry leader dedicated to unparalleled vision of broadening Al Adoption across diverse domains to realize the full potential of the technology. Harnessing a distinguished team to deliver industry defining solutions, Fastcode's vision extends beyond traditional markers, aiming pioneer market wise technological transformations.

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Gain Insights and guidance from renowned experts like Dr. Arjun Jain on ML system development and AI Integration Strategies for enabling businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Development of state-of-the-art machine learning solutions tailored to efficiently address and solve our clients's unique challenges at scale across all domains.

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Recruitment of bright minds, upskilling to the right expertise level and assigning them to high impact roles in client projects.

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Development of reusable AI product lines, platforms and IP while collaborating with industry leaders.

Arjun is a great researcher / scientist / and entrepreneur. I first learned about his research at MPI on his movie-reshape work that made a big splash in the community, and subsequently I managed to recruit him to come to NYU as a post doc in our lab, where he kept pushing state of the art research in 3D people estimation with conv nets. This was during a time where conv nets made the next leap, and Arjun was one of the pioneers working in my lab to tackle people tracking with conv nets. He also collaborated with Yann Lecun's lab, as well as kept collaborating internationally with other leading research teams. It was a joy to work with him, he was a very productive and strong researcher!

Chris (Christoph) Bregler

Director / Principal Scientist @ Google
I had the pleasure of working with Arjun while he was a PhD student at NYU. We co-authored a number of papers together on deep unsupervised learning methods. Unsupervised learning and deep learning are very popular topics today, but Arjun worked on this before much of the world had even heard of deep learning. He co-authored some of the very early work on body pose estimation and object localization with convolutional networks.

Yann LeCun

VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta
I had the pleasure of working with Arjun on a project focused on pedestrian pose estimation for autonomous driving. I genuinely enjoyed collaborating with him. His expertise in computer vision and commitment to innovation were pivotal in achieving our project goals. I am confident that Arjun and his team at will be an invaluable asset in any future endeavor and highly recommend him.

Fabian Flohr

Professor of Machine learning @ Munich University of Applied Sciences
Arjun's dedication and innovative approach significantly accelerated our project's success at Incivus. His expertise and commitment to excellence make fastcode an invaluable asset for any tech endeavor. His ability to navigate complex challenges with ease and his drive for continuous improvement stand out. I highly recommend Arjun and fastcode for any business looking to leverage cutting-edge technology solutions.

Nitin Kumar

Chief Technology Officer @ LiftLab
I have been working with Arjun and his team for over four years now. Together we have been working and solving complex AI computer vision problems in the space of Autonomous driving Software. Arjun brings with him a very deep understanding of how to apply AI in the autonomous driving space. His connection to academia and industry differentiates his contribution from being just theoretical research and more towards application research.
Arjun’s team working on the projects are brilliant , resourceful and extremely effective at cracking very difficult problems and delivering state of the art CV software. I highly recommend Arjun and his engineers for their deep knowledge on AI CV , along with their excellent professionalism. It has been great working with Arjun and team over the last many years.

Bindu Santha Philip

Vice President Technology - Autonomous driving Functions and Data enablers at Bosch Global Software Technologies India