Dr. Arjun Jain

Chief Scientist

Adjunct Faculty at CDS dept., IISc Bangalore. Ph.D. from Max Plank Institute for Informatics.

Sughosh Patil

Senior Research Scientist

B.Tech (CS) IIT Kanpur, Ex-Senior Software Enginner at Samsung R&D

Shreyas Bhanderi

Senior Research Scientist

B.Tech (IT) DAIICT, Ex-Senior Software Enginner at Nagarro

Sanjay Suriyakumar

Research Scientist

BS (Research) at IISc Bangalore, Ex-undergraduate researcher at Helmholtz Labs, Germany

Tirth Pandit

Senior Research Scientist

M.Tech (CS) IIIT Hyderabad, Ex-researcher at Qualcomm R&D labs

Narendiran Chembu

Senior Machine learning Enginner

B.Tech IIT Madras, MS (Artificial Intelligence) University of Amsterdam. Ex-ML Enginner at minds.ai

Dhaval Taunk

Research Scientist

MS (CS) IIIT Hyderabad, Ex-data scientist at Yes Bank and Jio Haptik Technologies

Parth Basole

Generalist Engineer

B.Tech (IN) VIT Pune, Ex-Software Developer at InsaneAI

Prabal Patel

Head of Sales and Business Development

MBA from Indiana University. 15 years of techology services experience, delivering managed teams and projects for large clients in US and India.

Gautam Adithya Ravi

Head of Engineering

MSc (CS) Saarland University, Ex-researcher at MPI for informatics, Ex-analyst at Cognizant tech solutions

Abdul Muqtadir

Software Engineer

B.Tech JNTUH, Ex-Software Developer at Full Stack Academy


IOS Developer

MBA Ex-IOS Lead developer at Simplilearn. Ex- Software engineer at Medlife, Hiver, ICT Health

Dhruv Seth

Head of Growth

Ex-Senior Manager Analytics at Small case, Ex-Project engineer at Wipro

Darshan Singh

ML Engineer

Ex- Engineer at MBRDI, MS(Research) at IIIT Hyderabad

Hrishikesh Jadhav

ML Engineer

M. Tech. CSE 24 at IISc Bangalore. Previously eQ Technologic