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AutoMTO enables us to create, modify, and manage all kinds of piping and instrumentation diagrams including support structures, equipment design, generation of isometric, and orthographic sketching.

Mercedes Benz

Enhance interaction between driver and car by detecting driver hand gesture for superior level driver experience with Mercedes Benz User Experience - MBUX System.


Accurate, low footprint detection with vulnerable roadside users (VRUs) and road signs covered in the Bosch-Daimler autonomous driving initiative.


Leveraging AI and robotics to optimize the supply chain routing, effective operations management for the successful fulfillment of orders.

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Object Detection

Accurately localize objects of interest such as pedestrians on the road or inventory on the shelf.

Human Understanding

Enable your devices and robots to understand human pose, shape, motion, intent, gestures and body language.

Model Compression

Using proprietary pruning and quantization algorithms, we are able to make models run upto 100x faster without loss of accuracy for deploying on the edge or the cloud.

Document Understanding

Automate the digitization of your unstructured document archive. Once digitized, you are then able to search and query your data.